Coronavirus Updates – Bowman Gray Stadium Racing

Coronavirus Updates


The season-opening Hayes Jewelers 200 has been postponed until an indefinite future date.

Public sporting events, such as the racing at Bowman Gray Stadium, have been restricted by government leaders as well as sanctioning organizations, such as NASCAR. For the safety of all, we greatly appreciate, respect, and are committed to following these life-saving policies.

We will absolutely adhere to the restrictions placed on us, but it is our intention to hold racing events at Bowman Gray Stadium once these governing bodies have given us the clearance to do so.

On May 22, Governor Cooper moved North Carolina into “Phase 2” of COVID-19 restrictions. During this phase, events such as the racing at Bowman Gray Stadium are not permitted to have more than 25 spectators.

At this current moment, governing authorities have given us two choices: either we can race without fans in the stands or we can remain closed. Some professional sporting organizations may be holding events without fans. We, however, have no plans or desire to hold events without our fan base in the stands.

Governor Cooper has not stated a firm date when Phase 2 will end. He also recently extended Phase 2 until at least July 17.

Link to the Governor's statements: Click Here.

At this point, we still have no definitive date for the start of our 2020 racing season. We will continue to monitor the situation and the evolving policies of our governing bodies.

Again, it is our intention to kick off our 2020 racing season as soon as the restrictions placed upon us are lifted. But the exact date is not firm at this point.

We understand the lack of a definitive start date is frustrating. But during this unprecedented situation, we are thankful for the flexibility and understanding of our fans, drivers, crew members, sponsors, officials, employees, friends, and family.


In order to let our fans, competitors, crews, sponsors, officials, employees, friends, and family know about any changes to our 2020 season due to COVID-19, we will be updating this page and our social media channels each Sunday night. These regular updates will cover our upcoming schedule adjustments. We may also send out updates throughout the week – but you can count on an update every Sunday night.

For fans:
If any changes are made to our racing event schedule, we will also email fans on our email list. Fans can join that list here to stay up to date:

For competitors and crews:
We now have a competitor and crew email list. We will regularly email this list every Sunday night and possibly throughout the week if there are any schedule adjustments to our pre-season practices. We will also use this email list in the future for competitor-focused updates on anything from rules changes to driver registration deadlines to inclement weather. Families and other interested parties are welcome to join that list if they wish to receive updates on practice schedules, rules changes, etc. That email list can be joined here:

We thank you all for your patience and understanding, and we hope that you and your families stay healthy and well during this time.